Eddie the Eagle Museum; art collective from Amsterdam, explains how their (subversive) art confronts and build bridges in society. Soon temporarily hosting something new and exciting at the [...]

One of the many expert sessions during the summit. 'Because of the enormous obsession with housing and regulations we lost 40 till 50% of the clubs and creative spaces within the last five years.'

Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam; 'The moment citizens of Amsterdam stop complaining, I start worrying. The city is theirs and in that way they show their love and commitment.'

Lutz Leichsenring, spokesman for the Club Commission Berlin; 'Provide tools to organise that creativity can flourish when city parts change due to gentrification like Amsterdam is coping with now.'

Carolien Gehrels, former deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, nowadays European Director 'big urban clients' at Arcadis; "Cooperation is in the Dutch dna, that's why the Night Mayor is a typical Dutch creation."

First Speaker of the Summit, Anna Dietzsch from São Paolo-Brazil. Public Space Occupation "Due to the lack of money and locations people just started to organise events and occupied spots in the [...]

After lots of media, press, and drinks last night, our Night Major will open the summit within seconds. Ok, a bit later than planned but he, a proper Night Major Summit which starts at 10 am is [...]

Night Mayor Summit takes over FabCity, the temporary and freely accessible campus at the head of Amsterdam’s Java Island. Inspiring meet and greet at the beautiful designed CycleSpace.