Lutz Leichsenring (DE)

Head of Clubcommission Berlin and member of Berlin’s Chamber of Commerce and Musicboard.

Duncan Stutterheim (NL)

One of the founding fathers of the originally Dutch ID&T (now owned by SFX) that brought international acclaimed concepts like Sensation, Thunderdome and Mysteryland.

Zef Hemel (NL)

Since 2012 he is Professor on Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Amsterdam (the Wibaut Chair).

Breaking down the walls

Hosts: Museumnacht & Todays Art

A Night Mayor for every city

Hosts: Paris & Zurich

Carolien Gehrels (NL)

Politician for the Dutch socialist party and former city councilor of Economic Affairs, Arts and Culture. Nowadays she’s European Director Big Urban Clients at Arcadis.

Create opportunities for talent expansion

Hosts: ADE & The School of House

Influencing policy makers

Hosts: Kaj Hollemans & Marco de Goede

European Night time associations

Hosts: NTIA (London) & GCN (Geneve)

International and local networks to create a safer nightlife

Hosts: New Net & Party +

Redesigning urban space

Hosts: Pakhuis de Zwijger & Enter the Void

City centres at night

Hosts: Stadsnachtwacht & Gemeente Amsterdam

Art exploration

Hosts: NDSM & Eddie the Eagle museum

Celebrating safely in Amsterdam – From local policy to practical implementation

Hosts: Jellinek & Celebrate Safe

City Marketing

Host: Amsterdam Marketing

Housing Creativity

Hosts: Bureau Broedplaatsen & Urban Resort

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