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︎ gepubliceerd op 19 maart 2020

Coronavirus crisis in the nightlife of Amsterdam

This is the English summary of our Dutch COVID-19 Dossier. Please visit the RIVM website for general information about the coronavirus.

Current status

As of March 15th, 6.00 pm, all schools, cafés, restaurants and sport facilities have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This also applies to all clubs and event locations. Unless the situation in Amsterdam calls for stricter measures, the mayor of Amsterdam will follow the national guidelines and recommendations provided by the state. Nightlife in the Netherlands will be shut down until at least April 6th.

Since March 23, measures have been tightened considerably: all meetings are now prohibited. The limit of one hundred people disappears. There are high fines for violation. The measures are effective until June 1. This means that the nightlife in the Netherlands will be in lock down until at least June 1st, 2020.

Financial support

On March 17, the government announced a crisis package to deal with the sudden economic downturn caused by the corona crisis. For example, affected companies can receive a subsidy of 4000 euros. Self-employed individuals can also receive a supplement to their income up to the minimum socal level. A total of 90 billion has been made available. If more is needed, more measures will follow.

The Night Mayor Foundation and COVID-19 crisis: informing, connecting and supporting

The Night Mayor Foundation is in close contact with the municipality and various organizations to provide our network with information. Via our website (our daily updated COVID-19 dossier), newsletter and social channels, we keep everyone informed of relevant developments, useful sources and concrete tips. 

We also opened an online information desk where anyone who is professionally active in nightlife and has gotten into trouble because of the pandemic.

In this way we can properly identify the problems arising from the measures taken against the coronavirus. This helps with our advice for the municipality and provides insight into how we as a sector can deal with the consequences of this.

Depending on the situation and need, we will make an inventory of whether, and if so, how you can possibly get help.

Questions? Please send an email to coronavirus@nachtburgemeester.amsterdam