Expert session:
A Night Mayor for every city

Paris & Zurich


Frédéric Hocquard is the official Councillor of Paris and Nightlife delegate. One of the projects he works on is the Paris Nighttime Council. Following on from the 2010 Nightlife Conference, this Council aims to gather stakeholders and those who partake in Parisian nightlife in order to reconcile the different uses of nightlife.

Paris Nightlife Council: Improving nightlife through a cross and participative approach

As in many European cities, nightlife in Paris is growing up. This nighttime activity is a real asset for Paris, its economy and tourism. But this development goes along with abuses such as binge drinking, noise pollution and uncleanliness. It is therefore necessary to regulate nightlife to make coexist different interests in balance. To think about nightlife and its different issues, the City of Paris has chosen to gather its forces (elected officials and administrations), institutional partners, residents’ associations, prevention associations, unions and professional organizations in order to consider diversifying nightlife as well as improving social cohesion. Launched in December 2014, the Paris Nightlife Council gathers all the concerned stakeholders. 7 thematic working groups have been created that have produced a battery of concrete proposals for action.

This expert session shows the added value of a cross and participative approach in strengthening the cooperation between stakeholders to improve nightlife.


Isabelle von Walterskirchen is the director of Petzi, an association of contemporary music venues that develops and puts in place tools for its network of concert halls and festivals in Switzerland. She’s a central figure of Swiss underground culture, she is also an events organiser, Involved as much on a European level as she is closer to home, she is a member of both Zurich’s council of nightlife promoters and the local branch of Live DMA, the European network of contemporary music venues and festivals.

Road to Night Mayor

Expert session: A Night Mayor for every city – Paris & Zurich