Expert session:
Boosting innovation in infrastructure



A city is much more than just a place for people to live and do business. Cities are areas of emotional attachment, each with their own distinct personality, traditions and attraction factor. Cities, like the humans that reside in them, possess their own unique DNA, their own geolocation and cultural distinctions. Their artistic communities, thriving industries and rich history comprise a city’s genetic material. However cities share common urban challenges in the areas of job creation, mobility, resiliency and improving the quality of life of those who either visit or live or work there. Being the cultural and economic centers of society, cities of today are challenged to meet the demands of tomorrow. Aging infrastructure, lack of affordable housing, climate change and inadequate transportation all cause major stress on a city and impede its ability to thrive. To move the needle of progress, they must look at the big picture and take action at increasing each cities’ competitiveness and enhancing livability by creating programs that expand resiliency, encourage regeneration, and maximize mobility.

Lack of adequate and diversified transportation options challenge every city and choke its economic vitality. Improved city mobility opens up avenues for tourism, commerce, night life and enhances connectivity which guarantee livability and garners a competitive advantage. For all this collaboration is essential. That’s why Arcadis is teaming up at the Night Mayor Summit with city authorities, commercial developers, knowledge institutes and entrepreneurs in cities across the world. Aligning ambitions, sharing best practices and building programs that expand resiliency, encourage regeneration and maximize mobility.

Arcadis will be represented by

Carolien Gehrels (NL)

Politician for the Dutch socialist party and former city councilor of Economic Affairs, Arts and Culture. Nowadays she’s European Director Big Urban Clients at Arcadis, where she is going to help European cities become more attractive. Gehrels is working on projects that focussed on improving the quality of life in cities.

Thijs Cloosterman (NL)

Thijs uses his expertise to create the best opportunities for commercial organisations and to develop innovative sollutions for public systems.
He worked for ProRail on improving the opportunities for companies to innovate the Dutch Rail infra system in order to make the rail system safer, more reliable & more sustainable.


Expert session: Boosting innovation in infrastructure

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