Keynote speaker

Carolien Gehrels (NL)

Politician for the Dutch socialist party and former city councilor of Economic Affairs, Arts and Culture. Nowadays she’s European Director Big Urban Clients at Arcadis, where she is going to help European cities become more attractive. Gehrels is working on projects that focussed on improving the quality of life in cities.


Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets.

A city is much more than just a place for people to live and do business. Cities are areas of emotional attachment, each with their own distinct personality, traditions and attraction factor. Cities, like the humans that reside in them, possess their own unique DNA, their own geolocation and cultural distinctions. Their artistic communities, thriving industries and rich history comprise a city’s genetic material. However cities share common urban challenges in the areas of job creation, mobility, resiliency and improving the quality of life of those who either visit or live or work there. Being the cultural and economic centers of society, cities of today are challenged to meet the demands of tomorrow.


Carolien Gehrels