The dynamic of a 24h city

Hosts: Toulouse Nocturne association & London goverment

Breaking down the walls

Hosts: Museumnacht & Todays Art

A Night Mayor for every city

Hosts: Paris & Zurich

Create opportunities for talent expansion

Hosts: ADE & The School of House

Influencing policy makers

Hosts: Kaj Hollemans & Marco de Goede

European Night time associations

Hosts: NTIA (London) & GCN (Geneve)

International and local networks to create a safer nightlife

Hosts: New Net & Party +

Redesigning urban space

Hosts: Pakhuis de Zwijger & Enter the Void

City centres at night

Hosts: Stadsnachtwacht & Gemeente Amsterdam

Art exploration

Hosts: NDSM & Eddie the Eagle museum

Celebrating safely in Amsterdam – From local policy to practical implementation

Hosts: Jellinek & Celebrate Safe

City Marketing

Host: Amsterdam Marketing

Housing Creativity

Hosts: Bureau Broedplaatsen & Urban Resort

A Night Mayor for every city

Hosts: Groningen (NL) & Nijmegen (NL)