Expert session: Celebrating safely in Amsterdam – From local policy to practical implementation

Jellinek & Celebrate Safe


The City of Amsterdam co-operated with all local stakeholders to create a new policy framework for dance events. This framework is prevention oriented and integrates harm reduction interventions. This session will focus on the process of creating a local policy, practical interventions and involving all relevant stakeholders. The successes and lessons learned will be discussed to inspire to fully utilize their local networks to work on reducing nightlife related risks.

Jellinek will be represented by

Floor van Bakkum

Senior prevention worker Jellinek Prevention. Van Bakkum will give an overview of the local policy framework for dance events implemented in Amsterdam, how different stakeholders are involved and the steps made in the decision process and the actions taken.

Celebrate Safe will be represented by

Judith Noijen

Senior Prevention worker Jellinek Prevention and project manager Unity & Project Party Safely. The Celebrate Safe campaign, initiated from the dance industry in close cooperation with peer intervention Unity and Event Medical Service, is built on the collaboration between organizations and people working and partying in the field. The campaign turned out to be the right approach at the right time.

The partners of Celebrate Safe aim to raise awareness on the risks associated with nightlife and how to limit them. Increasing solidarity, respect for one another and for the environment are important factors in achieving this. This presentation talks about how the initiators developed their plans and how they gained the support of all stakeholders.

Public health & Politics

Expert session: Celebrating safely in Amsterdam – From local policy to practical implementation

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