What does the Night Mayor do?

The Night Mayor of Amsterdam is an active interlocutor for all participants of Amsterdam nightlife, such as the creative industry, the mayor, the city council and the inhabitants. The Night Mayer is a spokesman for all things concerning nightlife. The Night Mayor is ‘a rebel in a suit’, because he can be a pain in the neck to the city regulators sometimes. The Night Mayor speaks the same language to achieve goals and by having a dialogue he changes the rules.

In Amsterdam the Night Mayer is an institutionalized function that is connected to the chairmanship of Foundation N8BM A’DAM. This independent foundation actively realizes new initiatives and developments that are directly and indirectly connected to the nightlife of the capital city of the Netherlands. The Night Mayor offers continuous support to those who are in need of nightlife related (event) advice. Whether it’s the government, local politicians, media institutions, education establishments or (small) businesses such as club owners, promoters or label owners.

In response to the obstruction of Amsterdam nightlife, in 2002 the local leftwing party GroenLinks came with the idea of appointing a night mayor to boost the Amsterdam night.

Independent non-profit foundation
The Night Mayor office is an independent non-profit organization. This means that if the Night Mayor does make profit, he or she spends it to strengthen the organization and to serving the Amsterdam nightlife.

Who is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam?

The current Night Mayor of Amsterdam is Shamiro van der Geld. He was elected in 2018 and will serve till 2020. Shamiro is been a fixture in Amsterdam’s culture scene for over five years, hosting radio and TV shows, as well as working as an actor, performer, writer and dancer. He’s also an ambassador for the Stedelijk Museum, a moderator for IDFA an he’s involved with the city’s Vunzige Deuntjes festival.


What has the Night Mayor achieved?

24-hour permits
The Night Mayor played a leading role in the introduction of the 24-hour licenses. Mirik Milan became a member of the expert team of the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, in 2012. He helped him with lobbying for- and granting the first 24-hour licenses in 2013. This was a significant moment for the city of Amsterdam. The Night Mayor continues to advise the city council on granting new 24-hour licenses.

Night Mayor Summit 

Night Mayor Mirik Milan organized the first ever Night Mayor Summit in 2016. Night Mayors from Paris, Toulouse and Zurich and speakers from Berlin, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Mumbai and San Francisco were present at the conference. 

International example and ambassador 
The Night Mayor has spread its wings internationally, building an international network. Amsterdam was the first city to have a Night Mayor and inspired Paris (2013), Toulouse (2013), Zurich (2015), London (2016) 5 and New York (2017) already to appoint a Night Mayor, to Amsterdam’s example. The Night Mayor of Amsterdam is also often invited abroad to speak and advise about nightlife and innovation and has become an ambassador of Amsterdam to the rest of the world.

Chicks on a Mission summit

In 2017 the Night Mayor organized a congress with national and international speakers called ‘Chicks on a Mission’. The congress was about entrepreneurship, sexism and safety for women in nightlife. Tolerance towards minority groups was an important subject of the program. The Night Mayor finds equality between men and women – whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer – very important. The goal of the congress was creating awareness, but also providing tangible solutions to address these issues.