Expert session:
Housing Creativity

Bureau Broedplaatsen and Urban Resort


Creativity needs space to develop, but finding the right spots can be hard. Where do you start and what do you need?

Bureau Broedplaatsen 
Bureau Broedplaatsen is part of the Amsterdam City Council and plays a role in realizing studios and art factories between all stakeholders who work on new (creative) working spots. The Bureau helps initiators with what’s necessary to achieve their dreams in the form of advise or a step-by-step guiding role. Bureau Broedplaatsen also facilitates the 24-hour permits, together with Night Mayor Foundation Amsterdam. It’s the goto party when it comes to housing creativity in the Dutch capital.

Urban Resort
A non-profit art factory developer that realizes low-cost space for the cultural, social and creative sector by transforming empty property into vibrant work premises with a public function and cultural influence on the city. Urban Resort aims to contribute to the liveliness of Amsterdam and to flourish the cultural life in the city. One of their projects is the ACTA-building, which houses 170 creative entrepreneurs and artists in 75 workplaces; You’ll find music studios, set designers, photographers, a hacker association (spatial) designers, artists, fashion designers, filmmakers, theater impresario and more. The green area behind the building is used to grow vegetables. Club Radion is also situated in the ACTA building.

Redefining Urban Spaces

Expert session: Housing creativity

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