Expert Sessions

The night time economy is an ecosystem and a cities benefits from well-informed city governments. Raising political awareness leads to opportunities for the local nightlife scene in terms of cultural development. The Night Mayor is an official ambassador for late night culture in city governments who strives for a dynamic nightlife scene in the city and helps to build bridges between the municipality and music venues/festivals.

By creating a mutual understanding, the Night Mayor changes the game. During the Expert Sessions you can take a plunge in five different categories. Each session will be hosted by two organizations that have a long history in their profession. During the expert session it’s give and take. The hosts will layout the best practices in their field and afterwards there is the possibility to share ideas on the different topics.

Time: 45 minutes per session

All registered participants will be contacted two weeks prior to the event by the organizing team. All will be able to select the expert sessions they like to attend. If you already have any questions regarding expert sessions please contact our team.