Expert session:
Influencing policy makers

Kaj Hollemans & Marco de Goede

Kaj Hollemans

KH Legal Advice is the consultancy of Kaj Hollemans, an independent legal expert and strategic advisor. KH Legal Advice has knowledge of all relevant developments in the area of prevention, policy and legislation concerning alcohol, drugs and nightlife. Mr. K. Hollemans is one of the most experienced experts on alcohol and drugs policy in The Netherlands. His recommendations are based on scientific knowledge and on proven effective experiences.

Marco de Goede

Marco de Goede (1965) was a city councillor in Amsterdam for twelve years. As a local politician Marco noticed that the debate about nightlife always dealt with public order issues: the things that can go wrong. There never was a debate about the positive sides on nightlife. That’s why he founded the Night Mayor position in Amsterdam in 2003: An advocate of all the people who enjoy nightlife, but mostly are a silent majority.

Born in Amsterdam Marco enjoyed the nightlife of Amsterdam from an early age. But he noticed that our local government, (including mayor, alderman, councillors, and civil servants) had poor knowledge about nightlife. Mostly because they don’t participate in it. In Amsterdam our Night Mayor is now the eyes and ears of the city and a valued advisor on how to get a better, safer and sustainable nightlife.

Marco advised several cities in Europe on nightlife and the benefits that a Night Mayor can have in the city and is the current chairman of the Night Mayor’s board of Directors.

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Expert session: Influencing policy makers

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