Expert session:
International and local networks to create a safer nightlife

New Net & Party +

Cultural development and the fast growing nightlife, music culture came with its own set of problems. Clubs, festivals and undergound raves provide the setting for risk taking and experimentation with alcohol and party drugs. There have been many interesting responses to this new set of circumstances, problems and needs, especially for those involved in the rave scene.

Local and international networks have been set up and a range of tools are employed to increase awareness of the risks involved in drug use and to promote a safer environment via drug information leaflets, chill out spaces, drug checking, websites, safer dance guidelines, charters and labels.

NewNet will be respresented by

Alexander Bucheli (SWISS)

Board member of Safer Nightlife Switzerland, Safer Dance Swiss. Board member and press officer Bar and Club Commission Zurich.

The Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Network (NEW Net) was created in 2014. Following the NEW-IP project funded by the European Union. The NEW Net has the aim to share and to spread good and best practice experiences among NGO’s working in the nightlife field. With the goal to enhance the pleasure of visiting music festivals and going out at night. This contribution will give an overview of different best practice European nightlife prevention and harm reduction strategies.

Party + will be represented by

Yoan Pesesse (BE)

Project manager for Quality Nights at Modus Vivendi and community manager for the French Forum for Urban Security

The experiences in the past have shown that establishing quality Label or Charter for clubs and events help to reduce all risks related to nightlife by implementing health services in a sustainable way: accessibility to health promotion material and information, to free fresh water, to condoms and earplugs, training of the club’s staff.

Created in 2011, Party + is the European network for safer party labels and charters. The network aims at improving nightlife settings and promoting health among European cities and regions by implementing and enhancing quality labels and charters for nightlife venues.

The European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) is a non-governmental organization of local and regional authorities that is dedicated to urban security, with the objective of promoting balanced approach that combines prevention, sanction and social cohesion. The network aims to provide

Public health & politics

Expert session: International and local networks

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